Using Your Local BBQ Restaurant to Cater Your Next Big Bash

Who does not like a BBQ, right? The summer is known for everyone getting together and having a great time at a neighbor’s pool, having a few ice-cold beverages, and of course, lots of great BBQ! However, if you are the one hosting the party, you already know you will probably spend more time behind the grill than you will actually enjoying the party you are throwing. Why not let a local restaurant take care of the hard stuff so you can sit back and enjoy the last bash of the season?

How to Find a BBQ Restaurant That Caters

There are more than likely quite a few restaurants in your area that offer BBQ menus, but is it their specialty and do they cater? Those are the two biggest questions to ask when trying to find a quality establishment that can handle your big event. You should take the time to visit the local establishments as well as their websites to see what they offer.

A warning sign for the consumer is if the restaurant does not specifically have a catering menu. Some local restaurants will jump at the opportunity to pick up a large check without really having the proper knowledge, skill, or equipment it takes to pull off a catering job. Let them practice on someone else, you want pro’s handling your affair.

Trying Out the Food

It is unlikely you would order something so important without having at least eaten at the restaurant, so get out there and enjoy yourself. Stop in during happy hour and try some appetizers. Bring the kids in for dinner one night to make sure everyone enjoys the food as much as you do.

Once you have found a place where you like the food, it is time to start comparing the catering menu to the actual restaurant menu to ensure you are getting the same product. You should also take the time to talk the manager to make sure there are no subtle differences when they are creating large batch food instead of plating for individuals. If there are, you want to know about them before placing an order.

Finalizing Your Menu

Realize that you are probably going to have people with wide ranges of tastes at the BBQ, so you need to order more than just what you and your family like. Find out if any of the guests have any specific dietary needs so you they can be addressed when placing the order. Even if it is a BBQ, there might be some vegetarians invited, and you will want to have some appropriate side dishes that they can enjoy as well.

Last but not least, the kids. Children can be quite finicky and you will need to make sure there are plenty of items on the menu that are kid-friendly. Things like chicken fingers and fries are always a great standby, but there may be some adventurous children that will enjoy a face full of BBQ sauce just as much as the adults. Once you have your entire menu finalized, all you need to do is call in your order, then sit back, and enjoy the best party of the summer!